The Aloft Group operates across a wide range of industries, with transportation at its core.

Just Culture

Focus on people and build trust

Today’s systems are a complex mix of people and processes.  People make mistakes and a Just Culture can ensure we support our most critical resource – people – and continue to gather critical safety data.

The Aloft Group team consists of experienced leaders and young talent

Manage Risk

Front line people see risk first

They are your Early Warning System. Leverage their experience with the science of barrier risk management to protect your organization.

The Aloft Group innovation methods take into account multiple perspectives

Event Analysis

Must include Human Factors

Investigations require a view of human factors, intent, and the chain of events leading to the occurrence. Focusing on a single ‘root cause’ only limits the search for hidden risks that need to be mitigated to prevent a reoccurrence. 

Aloft unites experience and wisdom with new ideas and technologies