BowTies & Risk Management – Improved Safety. Higher Efficiency.

BowTie Training

Risk management is a balance of science, data and human judgement allowing an organization to see and proactively mitigate risk to enhance safety and productivity. BowTie models and methodology provide graphical representation to see hazards, threats, and barrier controls to manage risk.

Risk & Exposure Assessment

Unmanaged risk can lead to unsafe events, potential losses, crisis, and claims. Independent assessments of a companies' operations, focused compliance and proactive risk management techniques may reduce your costs and lower liability exposure.

BowTieXP Risk Assessment Tool

Safety management is about understanding the process and controlling the output of your operations. The BowtieXP is the building block of a solid Safety Management System and allows easy visualisation of safety critical activities and monitoring risk barriers integrity in their respective context. Besides monitoring, the BowTieXP offers emergent operational insights, imperceptible with other methods.