How do you balance measuring and managing operational risk, people, safety and efficiency?

Use our advising and networking expertise in this area to establish a dominating presence and a leadership role in your field.

The importance of identifying and utilizing the correct strategies to conduct successful international negotiations can elevate your stature in leadership.

Many leaders believe technology is the answer to everything. We know it’s only part of a solution – and occasionally results in complexities of unintended challenges. Successful organizations benefit from adding outside expertise with their own people to support implementation of technology changes.

Risk and People

Art and Science Come Together

We collaborate with our clients to provide solutions that incorporate the Human Factors perspective throughout their systems to identify and anticipate gaps, bring the human element forward, and create lasting change and energy.

Responsibly transition workers from declining roles to emerging roles by incorporating the Human Factors perspective throughout the organization.

One of the most safety-critical aspects of designing and implementing technology used by humans is to fully understand how the job tasks will change, and whether the expected level of performance creates new requirements/mitigations for design, procedures, and training. A best practice is to ensure that experienced operational Subject Matter Experts are part of the team assessing the potential impact on Human Performance early in a project.

Risk and Safety

A New Approach to Safety

We all recognize the importance of employee reporting to support effective barrier risk managment. Now imagine a world where voluntary reporting is combined with investigations and analysis based on principles of Human Factors and behavior. This creates the powerful balance between understanding the nature of a human’s “honest mistake” with accountability and corporate responsibility. It becomes the foundation of trust within an organization for labor and management to work together to build trust – it just makes sense.