A Just Culture for Safety

We provide practical training and customized workshops in:

Our Just Culture workshop offers an interactive series of operationally-focused exercises between legal and industry professionals to explore aspects of human performance vs. the law’s perspective of negligence and liability. For our courses, please visit the BowTie training on our dedicated BowTie Basics page.

Just Culture Workshop - 2 days

Modeled on 5+ years of experience conducting Just Culture programs in Europe involving the aviation and rail industries, Aloft has created an accelerated workshop of practical exercises where members of industry and the judiciary work together and examine the different perspectives of human behavior.  The exercises and facilitated discussions allow the participants to gain new insights on the key issues surrounding Just Culture in today’s world.  The outcome is a new perspective on the concepts of an “honest mistake” vs. negligence and liability, safety vs. criminal investigations, safety reporting and organizational responsibilities.