CARM – Common Aviation Risk Models

What is CARM?

CARM is an approach to help integrate data within organizations that may also take global safety sharing to the next level.  The approach is to use BowTie risk models of the key safety risks to structure safety data, develop performance measures, and focus management on critical weaknesses in risk barriers and growing threats. Taking this approach to the global sharing context leads to the notion of CARM – Common Aviation Risk Models.

How do we build a CARM BowTie risk model?

CARM involves the joint development and sharing of BowTie risk models by industry experts. Models would cover the key hazards associated with all aspects of aviation operations.  On a global basis CARM becomes the place where risk understanding can be captured and incorporated continuously.  It advances the learning process away from examining isolated accident/incident investigations to a global learning “engine” based on proactively identifying changes in risk before anyone suffers a loss.

The CARM Group will leverage BowTie Methodology to build an international consensus around a small set of barrier risk models that capture (and continuously update) our best understanding of the key risks to aviation globally.  These models would in turn support:

  • An improved methodology for risk assessment both by States and service providers
  • A common risk classification structure that supports more detailed and diagnostic monitoring of risk in these critical areas
  • Development of improved safety risk performance measures at both State and service provider level

The development of these models would be a shared enterprise amongst service providers, airports, airlines, ground service providers, and State safety and regulatory organizations. To view the latest updates, upcoming meetings and webinars, visit the CARM Library.

Global benefits to participants

Global Safety Learning

  • Shifts the focus from sharing incidents to sharing knowledge to manage common risks

Operators & Service Providers

  • Acceleration of building internal BowTie models
  • Integrates safety data to provide quantitative measurement of changing risk
  • Benchmark SRM performance
  • Enhance overall safety by better managing risk
  • Reduce costs through enhanced safety reducing damages and personnel injuries
Industry associations
  • Benchmark SRM performance
  • Create a common standard for comparative risk elements and controls.

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