Who We Are

The Aloft Group, LLC is the parent firm and North American operation of a network of strategic partners and specialized consultants. Aloft Aviation Consulting, Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary located in Ireland and servicing international clients. Since its inception in 2006, Aloft has focused on developing a source of services by aligning the application of safety, compliance and profitability and utilizing multiple areas of experience to develop “outside the box” solutions for clients. Aloft specializes in risk management and integrating client data into tools to proactively identify and manage risk while allowing for the optimization of efficiency, safety, and profits. Our approach to risk management is integral to the effective execution of a Safety Management System within industries and governments. Aloft’s primary goal is to enhance aviation on a global basis through the combined experience and dedication of our associates. We recognize that our most valued resources are our people, who possess expert knowledge and international perspective accumulated throughout their lengthy professional careers.

Aloft is a trusted partner of CGE Risk Management Solutions. We resell and support all software tools developed and owned by CGE Risk Management. Aloft can design Risk Management solutions for your operation that will be scaled to size from a single license to fully integrated with the BowTie server and offer support on all levels of operations, from small to large organizations, throughout the entire process.  CGE has appointed The Aloft Group as the Global Value-added and Expert Agent for their products and training services.

Tom Lintner - President & CEO

Tom Lintner is currently the President and CEO of The Aloft Group, LLC, as well as Managing Director of Aloft Aviation Consulting, Ltd., in Dalkey, Ireland. Tom retired after 30+ years with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration serving in various leadership roles in Washington, D.C. His 42 years experience and familiarity with U.S. and European air traffic control and flight operations, ATC enroute and terminal procedures development, safety and quality assurance, and accident investigation and litigation, represents a unique range of aviation expertise. Since joining Aloft, he has lead the organization in an international expansion of subsidiaries and partnerships, increased the client base and created a unit specializing in operational risk management and multi-disclipinary program management. Tom is a citizen of Ireland and the United States and is a trained safety auditor with EUROCONTROL and ICAO. He is a member of the US DOT team supporting NATO in Brussels as a Civil Expert specialising in Emergency Operations, Air Traffic Control and Flight Operations. Tom maintains U.S. Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor licenses, and holds both an Aircraft Dispatcher and FAA Control Tower Operator license. He is a member of the International Air and Transportation Safety Bar Association, the International Society of Air Safety Investigators, and the Lawyer-Pilot Bar Association.

Terry Eisenbart - Executive Vice-President

Terry has co-founded and provides executive leadership for three international aviation companies – The Aloft Group, Aloft Aviation Consulting, Ltd, and LexVolo. She has helped lead the companies through a major international expansion that now spans the Globe with personnel in six countries. She has over 35 years of leadership experience in the aviation industry including marketing, sales, customer service, training, product development, and community and government relations. With 24 years experience at Southwest Airlines, Terry is a seasoned professional in the airline industry. She has extensive community and media relations experience interacting with the public, city and government officials and, over the course of her career, has been recognized with numerous airline awards. Terry has provided leadership thru her service on the Boards of Directors in a number of organisations involved in tourism, economic development and community relations.

Luis Bobadilla - Flight Operations & Safety Expert

Luis is an airline Flight Operations professional and pilot with over 35 years of diverse airline and aviation senior management experience. He has a unique track record that includes Long Haul Fleet Manager, Line Check Captain, Instructor, Accredited Accident Investigator and Judicial Expert. Luis also offers experience with IOSA Safety Audits, IFALPA, and EUROPILOT for the Spanish Pilots Association Technical Committee. An experienced airman, he has accumulated over 20,000 flight hours with the Airbus A340/A330 in the latest generation glass cockpit aircraft. Luis’ broad background in both line flying operations and senior management positions truly qualify him to assist others with their flight operations and training requirements.