BowTie and Risk Management Workshops and Training

Barrier Management – Virtual Coaching and Mentoring 

Make effective and practical use of the BowTie methodology and bring clarity to your risk management process!  In addition to both onsite and public group training, individual and customized coaching and mentoring is available.    Online coaching and mentoring allows affordable training to be tailored to fit your busy schedule and needs. One-to-one training will use real world scenarios relevant to your business to teach the BowTie Hazard Analysis concepts in ways that are immediately relevant to you, your organization, and the challenges of your workplace.

The Aloft Coach/Mentor is a trained teacher and has more than 25 years in improving organizations risk management in a variety of high hazard industries involving all modes of transport: air, road, rail, and sea as well as process safety experience in the oil and gas sector.

Your Coach will use recognized adult learning techniques based on active discussion centered around directly relevant problem scenarios for you to work on between sessions that will accelerate learning resulting in in-depth competence to contribute to your organization and champion improvements to risk management.   This approach facilitates self-learning allowing you to develop your own learning objectives, priorities, pace, budget and schedule.

Training will take place at a pace dictated by your schedule and the needs of your organization in or out of office hours. There is no longer any need to take two days away from the office and incur travel and lodging costs.

Interaction with your Coach can be arranged face-to-face in the Dallas Fort Worth area, or remotely over the internet.

BowTie Risk Methodology Training - 1.5 days

This training will focus on best practices in BowTie concepts and methodology that support the operational design and implementation of BowTie processes.  It includes multiple examples of real world BowTies in safety critical applications.  This is not simply a course in software; instead, it presents the methodology at the working level needed for your subject matter experts to use the software and build a working BowTie that can be utilized immediately.  Additionally, it provides the opportunity for the subject matter experts to engage in collective (team-based) BowTie construction, which is critical to the risk management process. The target audience includes professionals in risk, environmental, operations and engineering across all industries.

BowTie Training Workshop - 2 days

A 2-day design workshop to integrate BowTie and major SMS database systems.  The workshop introduces basic BT concepts and how the organization’s data can be utilized better using the BT methodology.  The workshop also introduces a graphic diagram of risk – showing hazards, threats, and countermeasure barriers that instantly shows you where the risks are, how they can be managed and, most important, identifies what you need to focus on to manage your risk. The power of a BowTie risk profile is that it gives the organization the ability to create multiple high-risk scenarios in a single visual diagram. It provides the “Big Picture”, and thus allows for the management of a complex matrix of events and parameters that may otherwise go unnoticed.

The workshop discusses challenges between operational organizations and IT SMS database firms contracted to install new SMS safety data reporting systems.  Historically there are “language” issues between aviation safety personnel and IT programmers/installers resulting in delays and complexities in design and installation.  Aloft serves as a “translator” to support effective implementation.