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Aloft is a major partner of CGE Risk Management Solutions. We resell and support all software tools developed and owned by CGE Risk Management. Aloft can design Risk Management solutions for your operation that will be scaled to size from a single license to fully integrated with the BowTieXP server and offer support on all levels of operations, from small to large organizations, throughout the entire process. 

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BowTieXP is widely used in high risk industries and is a software platform that relies on a barrier based analysis of risks known as the BowTie methodology. The diagrams enable the visualisation risks and offers a broader perspective. The major advantage of this tool is that it displays how operational risks are being managed, by showing numerous scenarios within a single picture. Moreover it, presents key barriers that allows management to identify the relevant pressure points of the business in terms of safety and risk. 
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IncidentXP is a software platform that enables the analysis of individual safety occurrences. It structures the information in a logical timeline based on which each event is analysed. As part of the bowtie methodology, the analysis is based on the barrier failure type approach. IncidentXP provides seamless integration with BowTieXP in order to finalize the feedback loop between risk analysis and real world safety performance.
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 AuditXP is a software platform that serves as a building block for risk auditing. It facilitates the creation of multiple questionnaires and includes the results in the Bowties, creating multiple perspectives on risks that can, in turn, provide insight into operational bottlenecks. 
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BowTieServer aims to solve some of the more difficult problems in risk management, such as the relevant aggregation of risks, tracking barrier performance over time and getting reports off the shelf and into the organization. It provides a cloud based enterprise solution which complements the rich and well-established functionality of the existing desktop products BowTieXP, IncidentXP and AuditXP.

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RskCtrl is a tailored support package designed for initial implementation of bowtie software. RskCtrl provides 12 hrs of consulting support with the purchase of BTXP software with a support plan. RskCtrl is a tailored support package designed for initial implementation of bowtie software.