Our Strategic Partners

CGE Risk Management distributes risk management, incident analysis, risk & compliance and operational safety software solutions and services. For our customers we work with the best software solutions via a global network of experienced consultancy partners. We have thorough knowledge of methodologies for training, applying and implementing these solutions in your organisation.

With more than forty years experience involving air traffic control, flight operations, safety & security, emergency operations, and operation of technically advanced aircraft, Air Experts Consulting  supports a wide range of litigation matters including accident and incident investigations for both plaintiffs, defendants, and corporate entities. Member of the International Air & Transportation Bar Association, International Society of Air Safety Investigators, AOPA, EAA.

FRMSc Limited improves business performance through management of occupational alertness.

Alertness in humans degrades as the working day progresses. As fatigue sets in, mistakes are made; some small whilst others, depending on occupation, are significant and could even be life threatening to themselves or others.

It has long been recognised that fatigue, sleep loss and circadian disturbance can degrade employee performance; have an effect on safety or have significant financial consequences. Those employees who work shifts or frequently are subject to time zone changes will be at risk of making significant mistakes. Some of these employees will heroically be able to cope by developing sufficient of their own simple mitigation strategies, whilst others will require a more formal management based approach to help contain the risk to them, their company and their customers.

FRMSc designs and implements Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) into enterprises that carry a significant safety or financial exposure where human fatigue could be a contributing factor.